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Schepartz Group Theses

Elizabeth Harker (2009) Design and evaluation of ß3-peptide ligands for hDM2 and hDMX

Jessica Goodman (2008) Understanding the relationship between sequence and structure: Biophysical studies of ß-bundles and bipartite tetracysteine display in ß sheets

Jennifer Holtzman (2008) Remodeling miniature proteins that target EVH1 domains with high affinity and specificity

Abby Hodges (2008) Optimization and applications of a miniature protein scaffold

Crystal Zellefrow (2008) Towards specific miniature protein activators of Src family kinases

Danielle Guarracino (2008) Optimization of ß3-peptide structure and function with applications to a novel viral target

Jade Xiaoyan Qiu (2007) Constructing ß3-peptide helical bundles in aqueous buffer

Joshua Kritzer (2005) ß-peptides as inhibitors of protein-protein interactions.

Kamil Woronowicz (2005) Characterization of aPP derived miniature proteins.

Heather Volkman (2005) Miniature protein ligands for CBP KIX: Selection of transcriptional activiation domains.

Loretta Yang (2005) Characterization of miniature DNA-binding proteins.

Stacey Rutledge (2003) Miniature protein ligands for protein surfaces.

Jin Kim Montclaire (2002) Specific recognition of DNA by natural transcription factors and miniature protein mimics.

Jason Chin (2001) Design and evolution of functional miniature proteins.

Tanya Schneider (2001) Protein-mediated regulation of dimeric transcription factor assembly and protein kinase activity.

Alexis Kays (2001) The influence of transcription factors on the orientational binding of TBP to the TATA box.

Jennifer Kohler (2000) Mechanism of binding by dimeric transcription factors.

Yichin Liu (2000) Kinetic and thermodynamic studies on DNA recognition by transcription factors and miniature peptides.

Mary Kay Hamm Pflum (1999) bZIP proteins and their accessory factors: DNA binding and transcription activation.

Steven Metallo (1999) Mechanism and specificity of dimeric transcription factors.

Leslie Sloan (1999) Basic-region leucine zipper proteins.

Jennifer Sanchez (1999) Studies on the orientation of yeast and archaeal TATA binding proteins.

Julie Sheldon (1999) Studies on DNA conformation and the molecular recognition of DNA by transcription factor proteins.

Charles Palmer (1999) bZIP DNA binding proteins: bending, binding, and borrowing.

Neil Zondlo (1999) Miniaturized DNA-binding peptides.

Arikha Moses (1997) Recognition of highly structured RNA molecules by triplex tethered oligonucleotide probes.

David Paolella (1996) Protein-DNA interactions ithin the bZIP family of transcriptioni factors.

Paul Richardson (1995) Targeting RNA tertiary structure: Tethered oligonucleotide probes adn cleavage-agent modified RNA.

Matt Hayward (1995) Studies in protein and nucleic acid structure, design, and function.

Sharon Cload (1993) Tethered oligonucleotide probes: RNA recognition and antisense applications.

Bernard Cuenoud (1993) I. Protein affinity cleavage and II. Design and properties of DNA binding bioorganic proteins.