Chemical Biology for Sophomores!

Chemical Biology for Sophomores! is a pair of courses in Yale College that expose sophomores to the excitement and creativity of cutting-edge research in chemical biology. The lecture course provides a sophisticated survey of the field, complete with case studies and articles from primary literature. The laboratory course is open-ended and research-driven, with publications, presentations, and summer research options.

Chemical Biology for Sophomores! is designed to fulfill three goals:

  1. To illustrate to undergraduates, early in their careers, that chemical biology is an exciting, dynamic, and expanding field;
  2. To add depth and breadth to the ability of students to comprehend and apply biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology; and
  3. To demonstrate that the pursuit of knowledge through creative and rigorous research – the work that scientists actually do – is intellectually satisfying and unbelievably fun.

Funding for the development of Chemical Biology for Sophomores! is provided by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.